Introducing EcoTunnel

  • Co-extruded PE low tunnel films protect crops against aggressive climate change and insects, maintain high plant and root temperatures, and minimize day and night temperature fluctuation.
  • The films stop soil from drying out, control insects and varmints, reduce crop maturity period, enhance nutrients uptake, and increase photosynthesis activities as well.
  • Low tunnel films designed with anti-fog and light diffusion are available in different lengths.

Low Tunnel

Designed with anti-fog and light diffusion. Tunnels are available in custom colors and specifications.

Solorization Tunnel

Solarization Tunnels take advantage of heat from the sun that is trapped under the plastic films to control weed germination and prevents harmful fungi, bacteria and some nematodes.

Helping farmers stay at the forefront of innovation

Farmers have been using plastic on fields long before any of us. Every farmers uses plastic different. And every farmer deserves to have the exact plastic he/she needs in order to grow what they love. At EcoPoly our lab helps us give that to each farmer that comes our way. If you can dream it up, we will help you make it.

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