Agricultural Mulch Film

EcoPoly is proud to offer a full circle solution to your manufacturing headaches. EcoPoly developes, manufactures and services our customers! Let us become your long term partner and provide you with the quality, price, innovation, delivery and service you deserve. Check out some videos of EcoPoly’s DegriFilm and Gas Stop TIF. We work hard to save you significant dollars while helping you become more sustainable.

EcoPoly offers a complete line of Agricultural films manufactured using advance technology and prime materials to ensure that our products stand up to the harshest conditions. 

Watch how beautifully our DegriFilm Lays!

Prime Embossed Mulch Film! See Details Below!

EcoPoly’s Prime Embossed Mulch Film is made from prime polyethylene. Blown films are as strong as common cast films and are 30% lighter in weight. Our Prime Embossed is lighter and stronger than other embossed films. Since mulch film/tarps are sold by weight, using our Prime Embossed Mulch would save you money and increase your bottom line.

Learn About Gas Stop TIF Now! See Details Below!

EcoPoly’s Gas Stop TIF qualifies as total impermeable film (TIF) for the highest buffer zone credits according to the US-EPA standards with chloropicrin,1,3-dichloropropene, PicClor60, Telone® C-35, InLine®, and the use with PALADIN® fumigants, visit

*CDPR (California Department of Pesticide Regulation), TIF™ is a registered trademark of Kurary Co., Ltd.

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