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By the year 2050 we will need twice the amount of food from the same acreage to feed the world. Farmers need plastic to help germinate seeds faster, gain higher yields and preserve water. At EcoPoly Solutions we want to help farmers save money and become more sustainable. That’s why we have developed a tailored solution to waste while helping increase productivity. DegriFilm.

Our World Today

We have polluted our world, poisoned our waterways, damaged the air we breath, destroyed the very soil that we all depend for food. Plastic pollution is a reminder to all of us that plastic has served us well the last 70 years but if we are to survive and prosper we need to find new solutions, products that are Eco-Friendly. Most countries have banned conventional plastic but its use is limited to a few verticals. We need to do more.

Our Promise

We use natural polymers that are 100% recyclable and 100% degradable. Our products are designed to degrade at a predetermined time-frame chosen by you. We have developed scientific formulas that create degradable plastic that is affordable, enhances the soil and leaves zero toxicity behind. In our state of the art laboratory we keep investing in new methods of enhancing our existing products, without compromising our beliefs.

Our Values

We believe in acting with integrity in everything we do, irrespective of personal sacrifice or cost.
We believe that the client is our most valuable asset and their trust in our products and services cannot be betrayed.
We strive to be the best in everything we do. We target excellence as an objective.
We believe that profitable operations are important but taking care of Mother Earth, not polluting our environment are more important.
We believe in leaving a better, cleaner world to the future generations.

Biodegradable Plastics

Agricultural Mulch Film

EcoPoly is proud to offer a full circle solution to your manufacturing headaches. EcoPoly develops, manufactures and services our customers! Let us become your long term partner and provide you with the quality, price, innovation, delivery and service you deserve. Check out some videos of EcoPoly’s DegriFilm and Gas Stop TIF. We work hard to save you significant dollars while helping you become more sustainable.

EcoPoly Solutions State of the Art Lab

EcoPoly Solutions Inc is proud to be the first “full service” plastics/oxo-biodegradable Laboratory and Manufacturing facility in the world.


  • Physical Testing
  • Analytical Testing
  • Biodegradation Testing
  • Eco-toxicity (Terrarium) Testing
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Company Information

EcoPoly Solutions develops, manufactures and distributes the best oxo-biodegradable additive available in the market. We understand the importance and obligation that we have as a company to provide this affordable solution to the plastic industries waste problems.

We have strict corporate values for ourselves and underlying these values is the belief that our business should be based on respect: respect for our customers, respect for our colleagues, respect for our equipment that we depend on each and every day, and respect for the environment that we live and wish to sustain, are all of utmost importance and the cornerstone with which we began our business.

We make the commitment to continue investing in product development ensuring better products for our customers.

Contact Us

Contact us today to help your business become more sustainable. (905) 967-9008.
For general inquires or questions about our products, you can email us at info@ecopolysolutions.com or you may fill out the form below and someone from our team will contact you within 24 hours.

Kristan Dunkin

Chief Sales Officer

Stephen Hofmann

Vice President of Global Sales

Phone: +1 (202)412-2689
Email: stephen.hofmann@ecopolysolutions.com

Rob Whitehead

Sales for North America

Phone: +1 (905)967-9008
Email: rob.whitehead@ecopolysolutions.com

Bernardo Costa

International Business Development

Phone: +44 (7391)602-660
Email: bernardo.costa@ecopolysolutions.com

625 Harvie Settlement Road

Orillia, Ontario Canada





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